1. Shoes

2. Shirts

3. socks

4. shorts

5. pants


I think that once you’re in middle school you should have a phone. So probably about twelve. Now as for social media, probably 13 or twelve but I am not really sure. I know I had my first phone when I was like 10 or 11 but all I could do is call for emergency and my parents. They had it blocked to where I could only do that. So if you wanted to do that for him you could.

What I think about war is, it is not worth it. What is the point in going to war and taking a chance of dying whenever half the time you don’t even get what you want. So you go to war and fight and take the chance of dying for nothing.

I have nothing against people who want to be in the war and fight. More power to them. But it’s not for me, I couldn’t go to war and do that. I have respect for them. I just don’t see the point in doing it. It is pointless to me.

Blog #1 for 2nd semester

During this new semester I hope to learn to do my work and to pay more attention. Last semester was not that great, because I did not do a lot of my work or anything. I just was in this mind set that it did not matter to me.

Now I am trying and I am going to do all my work to my best of abilities. I am going to try a lot harder. Now that I know how much it affects my grades and stuff. Now that I know it is not the hard to pass. All I gotta do is turn my work in and do it.


My favorite Holiday memory, would have to be whenever all my family was together. Which was whenever I was like 9 may be 10 i’m not really sure. A lot of people in my family have got divorced and don’t really wanna do anything with everyone else. So now we do it all on own. We all don’t get together anymore. So Thanksgiving and Christmas whenever you’re suppose to be with your family, and you’re not. It’s different and don’t really mean the same.

I like it whenever we’re all together and we all spend time with each other. Now it’s really not that bad. But still its different. I wish I was more memories of my family and favorite holiday. My favorite holiday use to be Christmas not so much anymore… Everything so different and everyone drifted apart. So it’s not the same anymore.

Favorite Holiday

My favorite holiday would have to be Christmas. I love everything about it. I love decorating the tree. I love Hot Chocolate. I love watching Christmas movies too.

The best thing about christmas is being with family. It’s really the only time the whole family gets together. Yeah, there’s other holidays and stuff, but we don’t really get together. So that’s really the only beset thing.

The article talks about typhoons and how they keep damaging people houses. And not everyone has money to pay for the damage. So some are them are building houses out stick stuff. I’m guessing something bamboo or something like that. But there has already been 7,000 people dead or missing from typhoons.

Hundred if not thousands have been driven away from there home. Some places don’t really have typhoons, so they are looking there. What I think about it is that there should be a place where people can go and get help if there is a typhoon or some other natural disaster that strikes. Because not everyone can pay for the damage and not every insurance company is going to cover it. And not everyone has insurance.
So it’s not really fair that it keeps happening. It just makes more homeless people and more kids starving and dying. The government or there city needs to do something to help them. Especially the old people who can’t really survive without food and stuff, and have kids or grankids with them. Those are the ones who need be help first. The ones with families and the old people.